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We Help Hospitals Reach More Members of Their Communities, Increase
Revenue, Impact Obesity and Health-Related Illness.

“A recent community health needs assessment identified the increasing rates of obesity as a top concern within our region.
By implementing Lighten Up Nashua, we have been able to engage directly with a growing number of residents in our community, by providing tools to help them manage their own health and adopt a healthier lifestyle, and setting weight loss goals through healthy diets and exercise.  Programs such as Lighten Up Nashua, as well as many others, will help to reverse the obesity trends in our region and improve the overall health of our population.”
Sarah Ward, former Director, Director Planning, St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH

“Lighten Up 4 Life™ worked with us to get our Lighten Up Nashua Program up and running quickly. They were a wealth of knowledge, providing best practices and past promotional ideas to give us the structure we needed to start a successful program while allowing us the flexibility we needed to add our own ideas. Their support each month allows us to maintain and grow the program without using up all of our internal staff resources. 
Sarah Ward, former Director, Marketing & Communications, St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH

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Lenoir Memorial Hospital
Lighten Up Lenoir has been an outstanding product for our hospital. It has given us a well-thought out and developed web-based community health platform to work with. Our plans to roll-out a community wide weight loss challenge worked perfectly with how easy this program was to implement. Thanks Market Impact for your superb availability and coaching support.”
Constance E. Hengel, Director, Community Programming and Development, Lenoir Memorial Hospital
Athens Regional Health
"Lighten Up Georgia has been an overwhelming success even in its infancy. We are a quarter of the way through our first 16-week challenge and already have over 850 motivated community members registered and losing weight. Our hospital is excited, our partners and sponsors are excited and most of all, our community is excited and passionate about this program." 
Mike Pilcher, Corporate Communications, Athens Regional Health System
Pardee Hospital
Wellness has become a significant initiative in our communities and implementing the right program is essential. If you’re looking for a proven, turn-key program that yields results…congratulations, you just found it. 
Rick Prudhomme, Director of Creative, Marketing and Communications, Pardee Hospital, UNC Healthcare
Onslow Memorial Hospital
Lighten Up Onslow has been a huge success. Not only has it benefited over 1,300 participants in just our first session, but it also clearly has boosted the community's perception of our hospital's quality. The program is a classic win-win.
Tim Strickland, FACHE, APR, former Senior Vice President, Director, PR/Marketing and Foundation, Onslow Memorial Hospital
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