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Can You Out Do The Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team from St. Joseph Hospital, Bangor Maine is challenging all St. Joseph employees to see who can accumulate the most activity minutes! When the contest ends the team that exceeds the Leadership Team by the largest margin will get a Spring Car Wash!

Wouldn’t you like to see your bosses carrying buckets of soapy water and washing your car?

When St. Joseph Healthcare Throws a Party, People Show Up
Maureen Scullin, CCWS 8/14/2014

When St. Joseph Healthcare of Nashua, New Hampshire launched the third year of Lighten Up Nashua in January of 2014, the hospital decided to throw a party. The event celebrated the launch of the program’s latest weight loss challenge. And in spite of the fact this was in January and the middle of winter, over 250 people showed up. That's a pretty impressive turn-out and it puts a whole new spin on people’s commitment to wellness. 



Mission Health Joins Forces with Ingles Supermarkets to Fight Obesity in WNC

Mountain Xpress
Mission Health empowers thousands of people in western North Carolina to live healthier lives through its wellness programs and now extends these activities beyond its own walls to corporations by partnering with the region’s largest employers. Responding to statistics that show more than 60 percent of western North Carolina adults are overweight, Mission Health announces a partnership with Ingles Markets and its 21,000 employees in 204 stores across six states. 

Lighten Up Onslow

S Evans

Athens Regional Health System Lighten Up Georgia
and  Athens YMCA helped Summer Evans lose 110 lbs!

Losers win in this game - that is, the Lighten Up Lenoir challenge. The program is designed for teams of four to encourage their fellow teammates to make lifestyle changes so they can lose weight and get fit.

Sponsored by Lenoir Memorial Hospital, the program attracts people wanting to lose a little to a lot of weight and get physically fit.

Some have joined because their family history is laced with medical problems like diabetes and heart attacks. Others are tired of being tired, overweight and physically unfit.

“The biggest win is to lose a few pounds,” said Constance Hengel, LMH’s director of Community Programming and Development. “… It’s really about doing it for the right
reasons, and that is to slim down and get healthier.”







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