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Congratulations to the Winning Team for 2014's Third Session:
"Bringing Sexy Back"! Together they lost 13 pounds and 2.30% body weight!

Mary McElrath, Susan McElrath, Fiona Davidson, Beth Salters lost a whopping 13 pounds and 2.3% of weight.

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Congratulations to the Winning Team for 2014's Second Session:
"The Heifers"! Together  they lost 58.8 pounds and 5.85% body weight!  

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The Heifers

Pictured from left to right:
Brandy Allbritton, Ashley Waddell, and Brenda Rice (Not pictured: Anne White)


Mission Hospital’s Lighten Up 4 Life community wellness winning team, “The Heifers,” is still in it to win it! Brenda, Brandy, Ashley, and Anne joined a Lighten Up 4 Life team to lose weight together, but they soon realized that it was much more. Together they held each other accountable by asking, “What are you eating? Is that on your diet?” and by weighing themselves on a scale in front of their teammates.

This team also ate their lunches together at work, went to the gym together, and yes—even good-humoredly harassed each other! Knowing that their employer, Givens Estates, supported employees joining Lighten Up 4 Life meant a lot to them.

They’re not stopping at a 5.85% (or 58 pounds) of weight loss; each team member is continuing to get healthier with the latest Lighten Up 4 Life session. And they have a message for all of us “The prizes are nice (each team member received a $50 gift card from Mission Hospital), but losing weight and feeling better is the real reward.”
Congratulations to “The Heifers.”


Congratulations to the Winning Team for 2014's First Session:
Congrats to GIVENS TEAM! Together  they lost 77.5 pounds and 9.92% body weight!  

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Givens Team

The Givens Team, pictured from left to right: Leslie Long, Theresa Penland, Jeanne LaRoe, and Ed Hillman

We’re excited to present Mission Hospital’s Lighten Up 4 Life winners from our challenge that ended on April 18, 2014. Members of the Givens Team (shown above) lost 77.5 lbs or a total of 9.92% of their body weight. Members received a $50.00 gift certificate and Mission Hospital merchandise.

The team credited the group aspect of Lighten Up 4 Life as instrumental in helping them support and encourage each other. Team members were able to lower their cholesterol (one member reduced a 270 level to 126 with the help of medication), reduce blood pressure, and lower glucose levels. All team members plan to continue with their weight loss goals and have some important advice for new and returning Challenge members: keep going and take it one day at a time. Congratulations, Givens Team!




Congratulations to the Winning Team for the August 26 – December 13, 2013 Session:
Team “B4&After”

They lost 8.24% of weight and 60.6 lbs!



Congratulate the Lighten Up 4 Life Winning Team:
Pound Punishers

From Ingles Markets Store #503, Brandi Bowman, Miranda Hamm, Theresa Cunningham

and Brian Bowman lost a whopping 168 pounds and 16.08% of weight.

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The Winning Team for the January – April 2013 Challenge is team:
The Mother Babes!

Congratulations to Melanie Ashe, Meg Learn, Debbie Wilson and Regina Elliot-Rayburn!They lost 12.12% of their weight with a total of 134 pounds!

mother babesWhen asked about winning the Lighten Up 4 Life Challenge, Melanie Ashe replied " We all work
together in the Mother/Baby Unit on the Mission campus. We are so thrilled to have won, but the
best prize is the weight we are no longer carrying and our improved health." Melanie goes on to
say " All four of the team members have been
doing Mission's Optifast program and it is a really
good program. Adding Lighten Up 4 Life as an added component to Optifast, made it more fun.
I lost 50 pounds! We supported each other throughout the Lighten Up 4 Life challenge, remindingeach other to put in their weights and stay motivated. I really noticed the difference when my feet weren't swelling anymore and after only a couple of weeks, my blood pressure was way down."

Melanie and her team "The Mother Babes" are going to continue and compete in this Lighten Up 4 Life Challenge. Way to Go "The Mother Babes"


The top individual winner for this challenge is: Virginia Moss from Mission Hospital who lost an incredible 4.89% of her body weight!


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The Winning Team for the August – December 2012 Challenge is team: Going All the Weigh!

Congratulations Lori Banctel, Louise Washburn, Lisa Graham and Franck Banctel!




The Winning Team for the April 27 – August 17, 2012 Challenge is:

"Ladies on a Mission" from Mission HospitalLadies on a Mission

Shawn Henderson, Shamekia McIntosh, Cindy Little and Cindy Harding lost 9.23% of weight and 84 pounds! Incredible dedication and hard work pays off for this team. Way to go Ladies on a Mission!



The Winning Team for the January 2 – April 20, 2012 Challenge is:

Waisting Away from Land-of-Sky Regional Council.

This winning team lost 13.45% of weight and 111 pounds!

Congratulations to Danna Stansbury, Joe McKinney, Jon Beck, and Paul Black!


Our top individual winner for this challenge is:
Kenet Adamson from Southwestern Community College who lost an incredible 12.4% of his body weight!



The Winning Team for the September 1 – December 16, 2011 Challenge is:
Bad to the Bone Team from Kearfott in Black Mountain.

This winning team lost 9.75% of weight and 74.2 pounds!
Congratulations to Angie Sartor, Mary Thomas, Michelle Shaw and Dale Shaw !

They have each won a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Our top individual winner for this challenge is:
Joseph Clarke from Mission Hospital who lost an incredible 11.5% of his body weight!

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The Winning Team for the May 2 – August 19, 2011 Session is:
Three and a Half Men from Kearfott! They lost 8.49% of weight and a whopping 78.9lbs!

Congratulations! They have each won a $200 Visa Gift Cards.

Our top individual winner is:
Virginia Moss from Mission Hospital who lost 10.03% of her body weight!



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