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Participant Engagement, Not Just Pure Numbers of Participants, is the True Measurement of Wellness
Program Success. Connecting, Educating, and Modifying Behavior Leads to Healthier Lifestyles. 

AHA NOVA Award Recognized For Lighten Up 4 Life Program

Over 7,000 participants in Western North Carolina have participated in the Lighten Up 4 Life, community challenge introduced in late 2007. The program won a NOVA Award from the American Hospital Association for improving community health.

The award recognized the work to improve community health by addressing health habits and other social and educational factors leading to better health status and improving access to care.

During the first two seasons of Lighten Up 4 Life, more than 5,200 people in western North Carolina lost more than 34 tons. Initially, participants were members of business-sponsored teams, the hospital expanded the program encourage residents from churches, neighborhoods and families as well as businesses to be a part of the program.

NOVA Awards
Onslow Memorial Hospital

Lighten Up Onslow Promotes Health and Wellness

“The true purpose of Lighten Up Onslow is to promote health and wellness. If participants can gain new skills that help them lead healthier lifestyles, then we’ve made a real difference. We don’t encourage losing weight just for the sake of losing weight. Weight loss is often the byproduct of eating healthy and exercising, so it’s a very visible sign of change. The underlying goal is to help each individual lead a longer, healthier life.” Amy Cain Sousa, Vice President Public Relations/Marketing

Lighten Up Onslow is a community-wide wellness program that was started in 2011 by Onslow Memorial Hospital. It is completely free to join, and participants can enter individually or as a team. The Lighten Up Onslow website offers many resources to help everyone succeed, including nutritional information, healthy recipes, cooking and exercise videos, a list of local events, and more.

Onslow video
St. Joseph Hospital

“Lighten Up” Program Leads to Positive Results for Hospital and Community
Maureen Scullin, CCWS
When St. Joseph Healthcare of Nashua, New Hampshire, launched the third year of Lighten Up Nashua in January 2014, the hospital decided to throw a party. The event celebrated the launch of the program’s latest weight-loss challenge.  Despite the fact that it was January in New England, a time when many are holed up at home, over 250 people showed up. That’s a pretty impressive turnout, and it reflects the community’s strong commitment to health and wellness—year round.

Employees from area businesses, neighbors, friends, and hospital staff have all embraced the Lighten Up Nashua program, with impressive results: Over the three years the program has been running, people in Nashua and the surrounding area have lost over 6,600 pounds so far—and gained a lot of healthier citizens.

Jason’s weight-loss story
Jason’s experience is just one of many Lighten Up Nashua success stories. It illustrates the impact that a single program can have on individuals in a community and shows just how powerful teamwork can be. When combined with healthier eating habits and increased physical activity.

When Jason registered for the Lighten Up Nashua program with a group of co-workers last June, his aim was to drop 30 pounds. From previous fitness and dieting experiences, Jason was confident that he could reach his modest target, but early success with the program encouraged him to set his sights on a much more aggressive weight-loss goal. Jason’s revised plan was to lose 100 pounds in six months and go from a weight of 332 pounds to around 232.

We’re happy to report that things are going well for Jason; he lost 82 pounds in just four months, and he finished the June challenge as the top male winner. Besides shrinking his waistline from 42 inches to 34 inches, Jason has benefited from lowered blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels.

Healthy Choices
  Jason's story
Onslow Memorial Hospital

Lighten Up 4 Life™ - Lighten Up Onslow Case Study: North Carolina Employer Carobell
Carobell launched Lighten Up 4 Life™ with their employees in 2013 Senior leadership not only
championed the program, they joined a team and participated right along with employees
After one year of participation, they reported the following:

  • BCBS rates did NOT Increase
  • Many of their employees were no longer obese
  • Many employees now engaged in physical exercise
  • Many employees reported that they are managing stress better

The Carobell Team: In It To Win It lost 132 pounds and 16.4% of weight and
took first prize in the overall county challenge as well as winning as the top
team for their organization.

Carobell Case Study
Pardee logo

Pardee Signature Care Center Encompasses

Pardee Select program which helps members find a physician who best fits their needs and the needs of their family.
Lighten Up 4 Life a comprehensive wellness program complete with weigh-in station, wellness advice and resources to keep members on track to living a healthy lifestyle.
Health screenings so members can be accountable for their health
Custom appointments and health-related reminders.


“City Hall Chubby Boys” Winners of Pardee’s Lighten Up 4 Life Competition

Thursday, May 6 city meeting by Pardee’s Lighten Up 4 Life “prize patrol”. The “City Hall Chubby Boys” team took top honors in the Lighten Up 4 Life competition for losing the highest percentage of weight of any team and losing a lot of extra “chub”! “Our team wanted to show our staff that we could “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk”.  Besides, we all had some extra pounds to shed,” said W. Bowman “Bo” Ferguson, City Manager, City of Hendersonville.  “We always have a few snacks at meetings but because of
Lighten Up 4 Life, we’ve changed the nature of those snacks to include new healthier options” added Ferguson. 

Pardee Signature Care


City Hall Team

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