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HRAs: Permanent Change Through Teachable Moments
Posted by Maureen Scullin Aug 14, 2014 3:39:00 PM

hrasUsually consisting of a questionnaire, feedback, and personalized risk report or score; a free health risk assessment is the foundation of a successful wellness program. Not only do HRAs present a unique opportunity for participants to reflect on
and consider the state of their own health and habits, HRAs crystallize information and help people make critical linkages between their behavior, health, and long-term quality of life. It should come as no surprise then, that participating in a well-considered and thorough HRA can be a watershed moment for many — an opportunity to turn information into action and start on a path toward healthier living.

Seizing the Moment
HRAs often answer the question “why?” or “why now?” for participants who may need to clarify their goals for joining an online wellness program. Many times, the vague notion that we’ve all had of needing to do something (drop a few pounds, increase stamina, stop smoking) is made much more compelling through the HRA’s questionnaire-feedback-scoring process. In this way, assessments and screenings increase motivation for new registrants — framing and focusing their efforts and fueling important next steps.

Beyond this, HRAs can have a secondary effect that’s seldom discussed: “evangelizing” health and wellness motivation. For example, a parent that’s tuned in to his or her own HRA results is likely to become more aware of family health habits and encourage healthier lifestyles for the entire household. Similarly, surprising or concerning HRA scores may spark conversations between close friends which, in turn, motivates an additional group and may even produce new program participants.  This ripple effect can help promote a wider culture of health in communities large and small. Its influence shouldn’t be discounted.

From Awareness to Engagement
Once self-reported HRA information has been collected, the real work of the program begins. If HRAs build on the motivation of registering, then program design and content builds on energy of HRA results. Quality content can turn awareness into engagement and set participants up for a series of teachable moments. Critical to this process is content timing, relevancy, tone, and delivery:

Timing: Capitalizing on HRA results can solidify program participation by demonstrating how change can be made with the right resources. Engaging with participants immediately after HRA completion, being consistent in all communication, and finding the right messaging frequency are important factors that can turn a single moment of awareness into multiple teachable moments.

Relevancy: Whether delivered immediately after the HRA through a targeted auto-generated email or via regular e-newsletters, content must serve the needs of participants. Relevant, actionable, and accessible information that’s designed to be quickly scanned and easily understood wins every time.

Tone: The subtleties of tone can either reinforce or detract from your message. Here, the watchwords are friendly, peer-based,encouraging,and pragmatic. Expert information should be delivered in terms that are easy to understand and simple to share.

Delivery: Responsive site design and a communication approach that tailors the message to the media is an important part of a strong program. Mobile users who may be augmenting their wellness efforts with various apps and fitness devices want to seamlessly weave program content into their daily activity.
Truly teachable moments are the products of a careful recipe that includes awareness, motivation, information, and communication. An effective health and wellness program doesn’t just include each ingredient, it considers how they all blend together to improve success rates for individuals and communities. At Lighten Up 4 Life, we understand the crucial interplay between comprehensive HRAs and wellness program success. To learn more about our program or to set up a free webinar, call 828-505-1809.


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