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Welcome to Renown’s Community Health Challenge and Activity Tracker Registration.
The challenge is open to anyone interested in improving their health and wellness.
After choosing which challenge you would like to participate in, you will gain access to our free Health Tracker.

Both challenges offer you the opportunity to participate as part of a team or to sign up on your own.


Already signed up? Login here.



Option 1

Quarterly Health Challenge – Track your progress based on quarterly challenges we’ve set up that address key indicators of health. Check out the complete list of challenges here. This tracker will automatically track each of these indicators as you go through our challenge.

Option 2

Activity Tracker – For those of you who are looking to simply track your exercise or activity minutes, we’ve set up a quick and simple way for you to do so throughout the year.

Quarterly Health Challenge QHC Team Registration QHC Individual Registration
Activity Tracker Activity Team Registration Activity Individual Registration

Note: Your email address will become your Renown Tracker User ID that you will use to track your progress. During your survey registration, you will create your Unique PIN which you will use with the Health Tracker to see your challenge results.


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