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How to win? Renown's Health Challenge and FAQ’s   

Q: Does it cost anything to join Renown's Community Health Challenge?
A: No, it’s a free community service sponsored by Renown Health as part of the health network’s 150th anniversary.

Q: When does Renown's Community Health Challenge and Activity Tracker begin?
A: Registration is ongoing, so you can register at any time.

Q: When does Renown's Community Health Challenge next quarterly challenge end?
A: December 30, 2012 ends this quarterly challenge, but if you chose to track your activity minutes, the Activity Tracker program is ongoing throughout the year.

Q: I’ve completed my registration but I didn’t receive my email confirmation confirming my registration. What do I do?
A: If you did not receive your email confirming your registration, you may not have completed your registration survey. Please click here and fill in your email and if you did not complete your registration enter any number in the “PIN” field.  The registration survey link will appear on the page and you can complete your registration.

Q: Now that I’ve completed my registration, what do I do next?
A: We recommend setting up weekly meetings and exercise activities such as walks with your team. You can share ideas, and provide each other with team support. Team work is what’s really important to your success and achieving your goals!

Q: To register for Renown's Community Health Challenge I need an email address and I do not have an email address. How can I register?
A: If you do not have an email address click here to create one. NOTE: You will use this email address to register, to submit your weight and to receive Renown Community Health Challenge tips and information.

Q: Will anyone else be able to see my personal information?
A: No, no one but you and the system administrator will see your personal information. When calculating minutes, the system will provide your team's total progress. And when your team views their progress they will only see total cumulative minutes for the entire team.

Q: What type of exercise activities can I do?
A: Once you’ve registered for Renown’s Community Health Challenge you’re ready to begin your health challenge and if you decide to explore new exercise activities, we recommend that you visit the resources listed on Renown’s Community Health Challenge Exercise Page.

Q: How do I update my progress?
A: We recommend you submit your progress using your email address (your “Unique ID”) and unique PIN at least once a week within the designated time period. Throughout the program your email is your “Unique ID” that you will use as your username.

Q: What's in it for me?
A: People love rewards and recognition. Determine what motivates your team and make that the goal. Whether it’s bragging rights, an optimum parking space at work, dress code relief for a week or “good news” in local communications, the sky is the limit for what you as a leader can put together for your team.

Q: Do I need to re-register every Quarterly Challenge or the Activity Tracker?
A: No, once you have registered for one challenge it is not necessary to re-register. If you are registered for the Quarterly Challenge, each challenge is designed to complement the other and get you to be your healthiest.

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