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Renown’s Community Health Challenge Team Leader Guide


Welcome to Renown Community Health Challenge! It’s time to show the community that your organization has what it takes to get healthier. Sign up to take the challenge and help your employees and/or co-workers work toward a healthier lifestyle.

Throughout the challenge, our Health Tracker will help educate participants about the importance of how exercise, eating right and maintaining a healthy weight, can improve their health.

Throughout 2012, organizations and the community are invited to form teams. Registration is ongoing, so participants are encouraged to sign up at any time throughout the year. There is no limit to the number of people that can join from your organization.

People love rewards and recognition. Determine what motivates your team and make that the goal. Whether it’s bragging rights, an optimum parking space at work, dress code relief for a week or “good news” in local communications, the sky is the limit for what you as a leader can put together for your team.

How to Start
As a Renown Community Health Challenge coordinator, you can help rally your business colleagues and friends to join your organization’s team. Your team will compete against each other in each of the designed quarterly challenges or through the Activity Tracker.
Many helpful exercise tips, videos and other resources can be found at www.renowntracker.org.   

Remember as a coordinator you are cheerleaders for your team’s participation!
Help organize walking groups, exercise activities and goal setting for your teams.

Start: Tell your organization to sign up by visiting www.renowntracker.org.

How to Track
When you participate in our Quarterly Health Challenge key indicators of health, or for those of you who chose to simply track your exercise or activity minutes, you receive access to our free Health Tracker which allows you to track your progress throughout the challenge.

The best results happen when coordinators remind participants to track their progress and encourage them to remain consistent.

Remember confidentiality is important. All participant information should be kept confidential.

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