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Lighten Up Georgia Coordinator’s Guide

Welcome to Lighten Up Georgia! It’s time to to help your organization to eat healthier, become more active and lose weight. We encourage organizations to sign up and take the challenge and help your employees work toward a healthy body weight.

Throughout the year-long program, Lighten Up Georgia will help educate participants about the importance of how maintaining a healthy body weight can improve their health and reduce their risk of developing certain chronic diseases and life-threatening conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

Beginning in January, organizations and the community at-large are invited to form teams to lose the greatest percentage of body weight and win prizes. Registration is ongoing so participants are encouraged to sign up at any time throughout the year. There is no limit to the number of teams you can have from your organization so you can form as many teams as you’d like to compete.

How to Start

As a Lighten Up Georgia Coordinator, you can rally your business colleagues and friends to form teams of four. These teams will compete with each other to lose the greatest percentage of body weight. Teams choose their own weight loss and exercise plan but many helpful diet and exercise resources can be found at

Remember as a coordinator you are cheerleaders for team participation!
As Coordinators you can help organize healthy lunch groups, walking groups and goal setting for your teams. To help you, additional resources are available at Athens Regional, and if you would like any additional information about those resources you can contact .

Start: Tell your teams to sign up by visiting They will need the following information to register their team (teams of 4 only):

  • Names, email addresses, team name (Be as creative or silly as you please!) and phone numbers of all four participating team members to fill out the registration form.
  • Once all their information is submitted on the registration form, their email address will become their Lighten Up Georgia Unique ID.
  • They will use this Unique ID each time they submit their weight and to be eligible to win prizes.

How to Track

How to Submit Your Weight:

  • Each individual will submit their weight using the “Submit Your Weight” button found on the homepage. (One team member or coordinators can submit weights for each team member).

The best results happen when coordinators remind participants about weigh-in dates and encourage participants to weigh themselves on the same scale every month to insure consistent weighing throughout the competition. Some organizations supply a scale or scales.

Weight submission dates:

1st 16 week session - January 20 – May 9, 2014

Final Weigh-in for the first 16-week session is May 9, 2014.
Note: For participants to be eligible for prizes they need to submit their weight at least once a month.

2nd 16 week session - June 9 – September 26, 2014

Final Weigh-in for the second 16-week session is September 5, 2014.
Note: For participants to be eligible for prizes they need to submit their weight at least once a month.

3rd & Final 16 week session – October 6– December 12, 2014

Final Weigh-in for the third 12-week session is December 12, 2014.
Note: For participants to be eligible for prizes they need to submit their weight at least once a month.

Remember confidentiality is important! All participant information should be kept confidential.

Lighten Up Georgia Team Challenge Marketing Materials

Lighten Up Georgia Announcement Letter for employees:
Use this letter to announce the Lighten Up Georgia Challenge to your employees. You can use it as a letter or copy and send it out in an email.

For more information contact

Lighten Up Georgia Employee Announcement Letter

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